PhD projects

PhD students in the Centre for Social Informatics research a wide range of information science topics. For more information on their research, including publications, visit their individual profile pages below.

Leo Appleton
Research focus: The value and impact of UK public libraries in the Information Society, and their role in citizenship development
Twitter: @leoappleton

Iris Buunk
Research focus: The impact of social media tools on tacit knowledge sharing practices between employees within public sector organisations
Twitter: @irisbuunk

Lyndsey Jenkins
Research focus: Workplace learning development, innovation in the workplace, innovative work behaviours, information behaviours and seeking in relation to both learning in the workplace and general learning, career decision making, and associated influences (personal, context and environment)
Twitter: @LJenk2015

Lynn Killick
Research focus: The future of the population census, and its role in informing the good society
Twitter: @SherpaLynn

John Mowbray
Research focus: Networking as an information-seeking behaviour, social networks, social media, job search, and employability
Twitter: @jmowb_napier

Alicja Pawluczuk
Research focus: Participatory digital storytelling and community development focusing on digital youth, informal education and social impact evaluation in Scotland
Twitter: @alicjapawluczuk

Todd Richter
Research focus:  The impact on young people of exploratory making with technology in hands-on, informal, and experimental learning environments such as Makerspaces and FabLabs
Twitter: @todderichter

Frances Ryan
Research focus: The role of online information in personal reputation management in the context of everyday life information seeking and human information behaviours and use
Twitter: @cleverfrances